First & foremost, understand, I get it. What I mean is, I have been a business owner and CEO of 15 years.  Takes one to know one kind of thing here, I personally have learned from my mistakes and observed others make the same.  The truly successful people in the e-commerce world have some of these common traits:

  • They focus on fewer priorities and outsource/delegate the others – We can never be great at doing 10 things, only 1-3 things.  If you are trying to sell, market, ship, keep inventory, get good shipping rates, manage your online store, manufacturing, deal with customer service, develop new products you’ve got a lot going on.  Ask yourself, what is the highest best use of your time?  Is the value of the opportunities greater than the cost of doing it all yourself?

  • They become market leaders – Being the best at what they do.  If you never get to the point where you can concentrate on those key areas of your business, you will always run in circles and have lack luster results.  One of my clients has perfected focus and become a market leader.  His business gets 1.2 million unique visits per day at his website.  Those results don’t happen by chance – it takes focus and concentration.

  • Humility, listening and learning – Are you too busy and convinced that your ideas are the right way?  Do you let others help you? I spent a year with a client to help him develop his business and put him in front of other market leaders that are very successful to further his business. He (the client) was quick to give his opinion, tell the market leaders why he thinks he’s right. Thus, no change.  Learning from others successes can teach us what changes we can make to improve our business through mentoring.

  • Make the right financial investments – Do you have a great product or concept you want to market online?  Taking it from concept to implementation, then to continue to grow your online business takes a lot of work.  I have observed online sellers fail to make the right investments in the online market place, shopping cart platform or marketing.  If there is a great product but people don’t know about or becomes complicated to buy it (because of poor design and structure affecting conversion rates), your business will never grow on a scalable level.  Finding those right experts to guide you and the right systems cost money. Make investments in your business.  If you’re too busy trying run things on a shoestring budget all of the time, you will only get minimal results.  Worked with a client for 9 months who has a spectacular health supplement product.  I take it daily – it’s that great. The product was developed by someone who we have all seen on TV. I helped to research and finding the right e-commerce store front development group that specialized in marketing health supplements. The investment was going to be $20,000 for the right marketing and platform with proven results. This was a small cost based on the ROI (return on investment). The potential provider helped increase a similar client increase sales $50,000 per month. However, the client wanted to spend only $2-$3,000 on the right landing page/shopping cart.  Hence, slow or no sales.

Here’s my sales pitch to you: Outsource Your Order Fulfillment to and I will help you build your business. We have a vested interest in our clients success.

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