Save Time & Money

Increase Profit Margins Through Outsourced Fulfillment

1.Reach 70% of United States Population Faster

  • Average time in transit 1-2 days – short delivery time
  • Spend less in shipping to reach the majority of the population because the originating shipping location

2. Save money on shipping

  • With our large shipping volume, you can share in our discounted rates

3. We’re 10 minutes away from the port

  • Port of Norfolk, VA is the second largest port on the eastern of half of the United States
  • Save money to transport the goods to your fulfillment facility
  • Cheaper costs to process than other ports (ex. New York)

4. Scale Your Business Without The Risk & Expense

  • Leverage our trained team and specialized knowledge.
  • No lease to sign, employees to hire or supplies to purchase

Now, you might ask yourself: How can I save time and money by hiring another company to handle my product shipping? Won’t I just be spending more and wasting more time telling them how to get things done? It may seem somewhat absurd to spend the money in hopes of getting some of it back, but when it comes to the fulfillment of your orders and maintaining customer satisfaction, you will find that working with Fulfilltopia is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. Why? Our services are designed to cut unnecessary costs and improve how you communicate with everybody in your supply chain.

Ideal Location: With our state of the art warehousing facilities in Virginia Beach, Fulfilltopia enjoys a prime shipping location that gets product to your customers fast. We have access to one of the largest ports in the country, and are within a day’s drive of some of the most populated metropolitan areas – just three hours from Washington, DC and seven from New York City. We have the advantage when it comes to getting orders shipped to arrive on time or better.

Seamless, Real-Time Reporting: Our online systems integrate easily into your existing shopping cart, so there’s no need to rebuild your Web store or install new programs. You receive data on every items shipped from our facilities, as well as real-time alerts on inventory shortages and surpluses. With updated inventory management, you don’t waste money buying materials you don’t need, plus you can determine how to adjust your catalog where necessary, eliminating poor sellers.

Dedication to Safety: Fulfilltopia handles every order with care. Our amazing fulfillment team enjoys an exemplary record for timely shipping, minimal damage and returns, and takes the time to ensure you don’t lose inventory through surplus shipping and unnecessary fees. Prompt shipping helps increase customer satisfaction and retention, too.

Ready to get started?

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