As we gear up for the holidays, we thought it might be nice for our clients to have custom gift wrapping paper to display their logo or brand.  Any thing you can do in the e-commerce world to differentiate or build you brand is important. In some ways this option can even differentiate your product being shipped from you directly versus a reseller of your product (If you’re the manufacturer).  Gift wrap if also just an nice option for those ordering online for others – saves people a step.

What we are discovering because the custom gift wrapping paper is not necessarily specific to the holidays, it is a good investment all year long.  That same custom gift wrapping paper is good for birthdays or gifts in general.  Because we are handling the order fulfillment for our clients and shipping the packages out, we though a careful consideration must be made to the presentation of the gift when received by carrier.  There is a lot of movement that occurs during shipping. Most gift wrapping paper is too thin for shipping and will tear.  So using a thicker more durable paper will survive the journey to it’s destination.