You make the order, we take care of the rest

If you’re a business owner who fulfills 500-1000 orders per month or is trying to become a multi-channel business, then partnering with a fulfillment service may be your next step. But, you may be understandably confused about the services out there and how they can help you. Here, we’ll break the process down into easy steps, showing you the benefits and value of partnering with a fulfillment company.

First off, what is a fulfillment and distribution company? A fulfillment company specializes in helping companies that create products, brands or manufacturers, to store inventory, to manage inventory, and to pick, pack and ship their products through e-commerce (B2B and B2C) and bulk distribution. In a nutshell, a fulfillment company can help you select and package the products you sell and get them to the customer quickly and efficiently. Many companies outsource this service for time, hassle and money savings. It’s certainly possible to do this in-house, but the resources you must devote to it are often counter-productive.

A few reasons why you may enlist the help of a fulfillment company include:

  • Lower shipping costs by leveraging their shipping discounts
  • Focus on growing your business rather than managing it
  • Quicker turnaround time of orders
  • Shipping domestic and internationally
  • Keeping an accurate count of the inventory
  • Systems to manage the orders, shipping and inventory

Benefits of a Fulfillment Company

Accessibility…convenience…transparency. These are all benefits of partnering with a fulfillment company such as Fulfilltopia. Not only do you get access to your business online 24/7, everything is tracked in real time online so you can always get the information you need at your fingertips.

Our, order management system provides a complete order and warehouse management so your team has full visibility of your inventory, orders and shipping tracking. You can also tap into the ability to integrate and automate your supply chain management process through our middleware application. It works in conjunction with virtually any platform, connecting your shopping cart, ERP or accounting to systems to ours, including Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento (see the full list).

Perhaps the best part about a fulfillment company is how they can handle the details that you simply don’t have the time or resources to do. Wouldn’t you rather be out on the floor, making contact with customers and employees, addressing pain points, and growing your business organically? Don’t waste time on fulfilling orders that can easily be automated and integrated by an outside source.

We’re centrally-located in the United States that’s headquartered in Virginia Beach, which allows you to keep your shipping costs low. Approximately 65% of the US Population lives on the eastern half of the United States, so with our strategic location you’ll be able to reach more people with less transit time, resulting in quicker delivery of your order and the lower shipping costs.

From seamless, real-time reporting to dedication to safety, fulfillment companies play an integral role in your medium sized e-commerce business. By choosing a company that handles your packages with care, you can ensure timely shipping, and reduce damages, returns and lost inventory.

If a fulfillment company sounds like the way to go for your company, contact Fulfilltopia today for a free quote and to sign up for services. From warehousing to complete fulfillment to inventory management, we do it all.