Earth ConnectionsDo you have a retail business that ships overseas? Your shipping processes are likely a bit more involved and complicated than domestic ones. Why not let us do the dirty work? Here at Fulfilltopia, we’ll manage all of your international orders (and domestic orders, too). One of our specialties happens to be global multi-channel fulfillment.

As an e-commerce or retail business, you control a variety of aspects of everyday operations, from product manufacturing to website design to customer satisfaction. However, once that package needs to be shipped, there are some considerations to ship internationally.


  1. Need to determine the value of your product for customs and duties
  2. Choosing appropriate ship method not only for the best cost, but the ideal tracking and transit time
  3. Complete customs paperwork for each shipment

What Fulfilltopia provides:

 A streamlined shipping process. We have a variety of methods when sending orders globally including:

    1. FedEx International Mail Service
    2. United States Postal International
    3. Using shipping consolidators that insert the package the respective countries mail system – which reduce the cost
  1. We can guide you on how to make the checkout process easier for you and your customer with dealing with duties and taxes by modifying your shopping cart. We’ll help you better manage your shopping cart to incorporate duty and taxes on the front end for the customer so they don’t have to pay it on the back end.
  2. Alternatively, we have partnerships in other countries that can provide fulfillment. This is ideal when you are shipping 250+ orders per month to a country which reduces the time in transit and the shipping cost.

Without a streamlined, international shipping process, packages may show up late, damaged or even never at all. From lack of tracking information to shipping errors, there’s a lot to worry about once your customer places that order. You could present a great shopping experience for your customers, but the shipping experience could completely wipe out that previous positive experience if not handled well.

Fulfilltopia understands the unique challenges merchants like you face in the uncertainty of e-commerce shipping and fulfillment, which goes a long way toward forming a lasting bond between you and your customers. Choose us for international shipping for retail business today.  Contact us today to inquire about our global multi-channel fulfillment.

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