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Shirt Fulfillment Cost In 2020

Shirt Fulfillment Cost

Shirt Fulfillment Cost In 2020 Fulfillment Center Fees Explained

Are you paying too much in fulfillment costs? Learn everything that goes intro creating a fulfillment cost in 2020 so you know what to expect.

If you have an idea for a t-shirt, you need a printing company to make it happen. And unless you want to deal with shipping out orders, you should also find a t-shirt fulfillment company.

Then, you can run your t-shirt business from anywhere, and you won’t have to waste time packing and shipping orders.

But how much does that fulfillment cost? Keep reading to find out the price and why it is that way.

What Is a T-Shirt Fulfillment Service?

A t-shirt fulfillment service helps you manage everything from your inventory to shipping orders. You don’t have to worry about using one company for inventory and another for deliveries.

Using a t-shirt fulfillment service can reduce the time you have to spend preparing and sending out orders. The fulfillment cost is also usually lower than when you use separate companies.

However, fulfillment services don’t print your t-shirts. Because of this, you’ll need to find a printing company as well.

Some t-shirt fulfillment services can help you find where to print your t-shirts, and that can reduce the fulfillment cost even more.

Whether you’re just getting started selling t-shirts or have been for a while, a fulfillment service can streamline your business.

What’s Included in T-Shirt Fulfillment Services?

The specific services you get with t-shirt fulfillment will depend on the company you choose. Many companies will help you fulfill orders even if they don’t produce the orders.

You can find t-shirt fulfillment services that cover eCommerce sales, retail sales, and more. If you want to create an online store or use t-shirts to make money from crowdfunding, a t-shirt fulfillment service is perfect.

Why Use a Fulfillment Service

In the beginning, you may be able to fulfill the t-shirt orders yourself. But as your business grows, it can get overwhelming.

Eventually, the fulfillment cost will be lower with a company than if you did everything on your own.

If you want to manage your business and scale it, a t-shirt fulfillment service is essential. And if you do start doing your own fulfillment, you can easily switch to a service without switching to a new printing company.

Why Don’t T-Shirt Fulfillment Services Include Printing?

You may be able to find one company that can print your t-shirts and manage orders. But doing all of that can increase fulfillment costs for your business.

Some printing companies let you print on demand, while others require a set amount of inventory. And if you decide to switch to a different printing company, you can still use the same fulfillment.

Whatever the case, you can find the company that works the best for your needs.

How Much Does T-Shirt Fulfillment Cost?

The fulfillment cost for t-shirts depends on a few factors. For one, you should consider how many SKUs you’ll have because managing more will cost more.

You should also think about how much inventory you’ll need to store at a time. Since many t-shirt fulfillment companies store your inventory, they will charge warehouse fees for inventory storage.

The fulfillment cost can also depend on the systems you use to take orders. You’ll need to integrate that system with the fulfillment company, and a more complicated integration will have a higher cost.

Whenever you get an order that the fulfillment company needs to process, you’ll also have to pay a small fee. And if you want to get a sample of new t-shirts, you can expect to pay for that.

If cost is a huge concern, you can shop around for order fulfillment pricing. You can also limit your inventory to what you need so that you don’t have to pay extra to store more shirts.

How Fulfilltopia Tracks Your T-Shirt Deliveries

One of the best parts of a t-shirt fulfillment company is that they manage shipping and order tracking. To choose the right company for you, consider how companies like Fulfilltopia track your deliveries.

When you fulfill orders yourself, you’ll need to package them, ship them, and get a tracking number.

But when you work with a fulfillment company, they will take care of those steps. You can still get a tracking number for each order so that you and your customer can track the status of a delivery.

Fulfilltopia uses a unique Enterprise Middleware Application to process orders quickly. The application then sends information regarding shipping and inventory to your online order system.

You can use the eCommerce platform of your choosing, so you don’t have to change your processes to start working with us.

Systems We Integrate With

At Fulfilltopia, we offer a variety of system integrations so that you can choose what works best for your t-shirt business. If you sell on an eCommerce platform, you can use our services with:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart

If you prefer to sell on your website, you can use a variety of eCommerce site builders, such as:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Weebly

You can also use Fulfilltopia to sell t-shirts on Etsy or with PayPal. We also integrate with accounting programs like QuickBooks so that you can track your finances more easily.

How Long Does It Take to Fulfill T-Shirt Orders?

The time it takes to fulfill t-shirt orders can depend on a few things. While you may want to choose a fulfillment center near you, look for one near your customers.

After all, you don’t have to receive the t-shirts. So even if you’re on the other side of the country, you can use a fulfillment center to reduce shipping times.

Shorter shipping times mean that your customers can get their orders more quickly. The fulfillment center cost will also be lower because you won’t have to pay as much for shipping.

You can also shorten the order fulfillment time by keeping more inventory in stock. While this can increase your fulfillment cost, you can offer your customers faster shipping, which can make them want to order from you in the future.

Fulfill Orders, Fulfill Your Business

Growing a t-shirt business can be very rewarding but equally time-consuming. If you want to make life easier, you need a fulfillment company.

As your business grows, a company may help you bring your fulfillment cost down since you won’t have to spend time on it.

Are you ready for help fulfilling orders? Contact us today for a fulfillment quote!

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“Prompt, courteous service. Warehouse staff is attentive, orders are shipped in a timely manner. Issues are immediately addressed”

“Good service, reliable and flexible. Good communication and systems know how”

“We’ve had a great experience with Fulfilltopia. They’ve been flexible to fit our needs and hhelped us establish a previously non-existent supply chain for our business”