If your product arrives in damaged condition, your customer won’t necessarily blame you. They’ll probably blame the carrier. Yet this small inconvenience may cost you repeat business online. Selecting the right box to avoid damage the first time is worth your research and effort. If you consider the soft costs dealing with the issue after the fact, you will quickly understand the importance of getting it right the first time.

Your carrier will move your shipments through many different hands and channels along the way before reaching their final destinations. The more handling, the higher risk of damage.  By considering the strength and size of the box, you will be ensuring that your shipments arrive in excellent condition.

For example, before one of our clients partnered with Fulfilltopia, they had used another fulfillment company that shipping his signed prints in a flat, cardboard envelope.

Not surprisingly, the mail carriers rolled up these envelopes or folded them to fit into a mail box. When our client came to us with the problem, we chose a box that was 3 inches thick, making the signed print inside nearly impervious to damage. Additionally, unlike a flat, cardboard envelope which is treated as general mail, the larger box was inherently treated with more care along the way. By making one simple change, we reduced the number of damage incidents by a significant percentage, saved our client time and money, and increased customer satisfaction.

Here’s a demonstration of what can happen if you don’t protect you package, courtesy of HDS Delivery & Ace Ventura: