Reach 70% Of The US Population from Virginia in 1-3 days

Did you know that 70% of population are located on the eastern half of the United States? Most think if they are the manufacturer marketing  & selling products and import them from Asia, that California is the best place for their fulfillment. Because most live on the eastern half, companies can expect to pay 20-30% more in shipping costs.  Sure there is a small savings importing to the west coast versus the east, but when you start to taking into the overall cost of shipping and the time in transit to your customers, the east coast makes much more sense.

We choose the Norfolk, Virginia market for our location because it is central to all the areas where most of the population lives.  We also have one of the largest ports on the east cost located here and 10 minutes away from our facility.  That means lower costs to import your products.  If your products were stored in central US, such as Kentucky, Tennessee or Ohio, the cost to transport them from a port can very expensive.  An added cost to doing business.