Health Supplements

Impact the Efficacy of Your Health Supplements With Affordable Warehousing & Storage Solutions

At Fulfilltopia, we have heard many horror stories of how other fulfillment companies improperly stored health supplements and pharmaceuticals. Some have used warehouse space in non-climate controlled environments, or sent out expired products, and some even left forklift black exhaust or dust on supplement bottles during shipping! Poor fulfillment services can result in problems that lead to declining sales and trust in your company and products.

You want your customers to have clean, effective products that help and support their health. Fulfilltopia, a leader in fulfillment services for health and beauty products, supplements, and other pharmaceuticals, has the tools needed to ensure orders from your wholesale and retail customers remain viable and are shipped on time. We believe the most important elements in health/supplement fulfillment – temperature control and tracking of expiration dates and lots – are critical for your health supply business to succeed, and we apply our decades of expertise in seeing your operations run smoothly.

Temperature Control

Recently, at one of the largest Health Expos in the US, our CEO met with some manufacturers of health supplements to discuss the effects of temperature control and how it affects the efficacy of their products. Most health supplements have a storage life of 1-2 years, depending on ingredients. However, if you store products in a warehouse environment where the temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this could shorten the efficacy and life by 4-6 months! The higher the temperature, the shorter the shelf life. Humidity also plays a big role as well. The best range is 55 to 68 degrees for storage with a low humidity.

Fulfilltopia provides true temperature and humidity controlled storage. How do we track that? We use a Web and cellular based temperature and humidity monitoring application, as shown below.

When you use Fulfilltopia for your health supplement fulfillment, you are assured of constant quality control.

Expiration & Lot Tracking


Ever heard of FIFO (first in, first out), LIFO (Last in, first out) and FEFO (first expired, first out)?  These terms are used to help businesses prioritize tasks like fulfillment of products. At Fulfilltopia, we can track your health supplements supply based on lots and/or expiration dates.  Many of our competitors don’t have the ability to do this, nor is it a priority. Here’s how our process works:

When your product arrives and is received by our staff, we will log the new lot number and the expiration date of the product in our warehouse management system.  The system compares the expiration date in relation to current stock on hand.  We then place the new lot in a different stocking location.

When your customers place orders for the product, our system will pull out the older inventory first (FEFO) to avoid picking a new product.  Because the new lot is in a different location, this has the picker pulling from the correct inventory.

Fulfilltopia offers the ability to track lots/versions and expiration dates for nutraceutical fulfillment based on:

  • Manufacture or expiration date
  • Automated alerts before expiration date
  • Automated alert for reorder based on inventory levels

We can handle fulfillment for:

  • Capsules, pills, softgels
  • Powder products
  • Nutritional food products
To learn more about our extensive health and supplement fulfillment services, contact us today at 757-963-5595.