Worker making a checklist in a warehouse with digital tablet

Time…money…resources…hassle…wouldn’t you like to save yourself the headache of dealing with these when it comes to picking, packing, and shipping your orders? These are just some of the many benefits that come with partnering with a fulfillment and warehousing company like Fulfilltopia.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of partnering with us.

Save Time and Money

Are you struggling to get the orders out in a timely basis? Do you lack the rights systems to process orders efficiently? Are you getting any discounts on shipping?

Often times people who try to do their own fulfillment get overwhelmed or lack the right processes to effectively process the orders. When they hire employees to handle the fulfillment, it compounds the issue because of the added cost of labor and benefits. In addition, there are other fixed expenses like software, building shelving, and more when you try to do it on your own.

When you look at the cost of a fulfillment service, weigh the variable expense of doing it yourself versus a fixed cost of outsourcing; such as:

  • Leverage shipping discounts.
  • Get orders out faster; the same day or the next business day.
  • Additional fixed expenses that you have access to, including software and shelving.

Keep Your Focus

When you outsource your order and fulfillment practices to us, you can spend less time worrying about getting your packages out and more time growing your company. After all, that’s probably why you got into this business in the first place: to make money, expand and build success. You’re not going to do that while micro-managing the everyday details of your inventory and shipping processes. Leave that up to professionals who know a thing or two about the order and fulfillment industry. Our services will help you slash unnecessary costs and improve how you communicate with everyone in your supply chain.

Seamless, Real-Time Reporting

Here at Fulfilltopia, we offer the latest online systems that integrate seamlessly into your existing shopping cart, so don’t worry about having to rebuild your e-commerce store or install new programs. We give you real-time data on all items shipped from our warehouse, plus you’re instantly alerted when there are inventory shortages and surpluses. This allows you to spend less time and money purchasing products you don’t need. Another bonus: eliminate poor sellers by getting a real-time glimpse into who’s buying and who’s not.

Safety and Care

When handling your own orders, things can get sloppy. Your employees may not be exclusively trained on this area of your business, especially if you’re small and new to the business where everyone is pulling double duty just to get by. Relying on our fulfillment team (which by the way has a stellar record for timely shipping, minimal damage and returns), means you don’t lose inventory through surplus shipping and unnecessary fees. By ensuring prompt delivery of packages that are – not just undamaged but caringly packed according to your specifications – you’ll see a surge in customer satisfaction and retention.

Yet another benefit of hiring a fulfillment and warehousing company is the ability to learn from best practices of what works and what doesn’t. Then, you can adjust your purchasing and spending from there. To get started, contact Fulfilltopia today for your free quote!