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5 Steps of the Order Fulfillment Process in Jacksonville, FL

Are you thinking of outsourcing your order fulfillment process for your business in Jacksonville, FL? Find out what goes on behind the scenes at the order fulfillment center to help you understand how it works to streamline your systems.

 The order fulfillment process can be overwhelming for a new E-commerce business. They may not understand what goes on behind the scenes. If you are in Jacksonville, FL, the following guide will clear up any misconceptions.

Finding a reliable order fulfillment center solves many of your problems. They save you time and money by using their established systems. They help you leverage shipping discounts and allow you to resolve orders faster.


Moreover, their services enable you to focus on your core business functions. They offer real-time order tracking and reporting. Plus, they handle the products in a safe and careful manner.

 It's a bad idea to sell online without understanding the order fulfillment process. Keep reading to learn the steps.

Steps in the Order Fulfillment Process

As of December 2017, only 21 percent of surveyed retailers had a working shipping system. This shows the valuable impact of order fulfillment services. Yet, it is also good for you to learn how the process works.

 Here are five steps of the order fulfillment process in Jackson, FL:

1. Order Configuration

First, a customer will place an order with the E-commerce platform. The platform checks the order and confirms the availability of the product. Then, they book the order and bill the recipient.

 They record the customer's information as well as the shipping address. These details appear in the order system of the fulfillment company.

2. Picking and Storing Goods

Companies pick and store your goods in the fulfillment centers. Some may build and maintain this inventory as they await sales orders from the platform. Or, they may pick the items when an order comes in.

In the past, this process was manual. Due to improvements in the sales order fulfillment process, everything is now digitized. Software in these centers tracks the inventory and monitor incoming orders.


3. Product Assembly and Packaging

The next step is for the fulfillment center to find, assemble, and package the product. Some items are fragile and require special packaging techniques. As such, the company will ensure their people wrap these items carefully.

Once they are through with that, they will label the package the right way. This includes the shipping address as well as a return address in case there's a hitch.

4. Shipping and Delivery For Jacksonville, FL Orders and Beyond

Shipping involves choosing the cheapest and time-efficient delivery service. Some companies give guarantees the products will arrive by a certain time. Shipping from Jacksonville, FL may cost you more because you are further away from where the population lives. Choosing a centrally based fulfillment center will help you reduce your cost. Virginia is one of those states.

Customers can track their ordered items throughout the preparation and shipping steps. They receive a notification once their goods are shipped to their address.

 The company gets a confirmation when the customer receives their order. They'll then update their system to show successful delivery. This updates their inventory if any.

5. Order Returns

Due to unexpected reasons, customers may return the delivered goods. Each company and fulfillment center has its own policy on returned goods. They'll inspect the item and decide whether to replace it. If possible, they will send a replacement item to the customer.

Learn More About Order Fulfillment and Distribution

As you can see, the order fulfillment process has many components. Even so, it's not that hard to follow. The company will pick, store, pack, label, and ship items to your customer. If there's an issue, they will talk to the customer and see how they can resolve the problem.

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