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Have a friend who owns an organization handling internet marketing for large to small businesses. Her team has created a simple overview (see link below) describing what Internet Marketing is all about. The more you know about the basics, it will help you understand where you need to make adjustments.  In my case, I quickly learned what I am capable of managing as a business owner myself and what I need to outsource.

Personally, I feel more connected to my business, clients and prospective clients if I am in the fore front blogging and handling the social media.   Everything else, I choose to elicit the help of professionals. It’s been a bit of a learning curve so far on the blogging thing, but I will never truly understand everything nor keep up with the minute details of pay per click, SEO, meta tags…..well you get the picture.

Check out the link on getting some tips and overview on internet marketing.  Click Here for more info.