I had the pleasure of meeting and hear speak, Warren Adleman, President and COO of GoDaddy.com at the Internet Marketing Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina. I wanted to share some interesting insights about GoDaddy.com. Bob Parsons, Founder of GoDaddy.com was suppose to be the keynote speaker for the conference, but could not attend because of last minute injury. Warren was a great speaker and really enjoyed it.  It seems Parsons and Adleman really complement each other well.  Parsons, a radical, hip, cowboyish entrepreneur is tempered by Adleman.  In my own business, Fulfilltopia.com, an e-commerce order fulfillment company, I can somewhat relate.

Adleman, shared with us at the conference what has helped them to be the largest domain registrar in the world.  Some of the key things are:

  1. Customer Service – make it easy for customers to call and talk to a live human being.  They actually also will call you after you purchase a domain or service to follow up.  On the surface, this can seem an expensive cost, however it encourages future sales.  They sell a domain name every second of every day.  They are 4 times larger than their closest competitor.
  2. Innovation – They keep adding services based on listening to the needs of their customers.  For example, they used to refer their clients to other companies to purchase security certificates, which are vital to e-commerce companies who sell online. After so many years, they added that to the many services they offer.  They also sell a variable bandwidth hosting solution.  This came out of a gentleman who was on American Idol who had his 15 seconds of fame who had his own website.
  3. Rewards Employees – GoDaddy.com actively rewards employees by doing crazy things such as paying one’s mortgage for a year, buy them a motorcycle or a cash grab (where the employee will stand in a glass box with a fan blowing cash, grabbing as much as you can in a minute).

Some other interesting thoughts.  Found out how they came up with their logo.  Parsons had hired a graphic designer and they seemed to go back and forth on ideas.  The graphic designer, feeling like Parsons would never make a decision, as a joke drew something flip. Ended up, Parsons liked it and went with it.

One of their key turning moments in their business is when they had planned on playing commercials (2 – 30 second ads) during a superbowl.  Parsons had been going back and forth with Fox trying to revise the advertisement because of concerns it being not appropriate for all audiences.   Finally Fox approved a version.  During the Superbowl, Parsons and Adleman, were watching from home.  They saw the first ad run. When it came to the second run, it never appeared.  Parsons and Adleman started call Fox during the Superbowl, wanting to know why they pulled the ad. Fox didn’t feel it was appropriate, even after approval.  They had too many people complain about it. Parsons knew at that moment, that this was going to really give them great exposure.  Parsons went on to tell everyone about what had happened. It was the talk of the town, being interviews on many national tv programs talking about it.  Below is the video that was played

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