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Step-By-Step eCommerce Shipping Process Guide in Indianapolis

If you have an eCommerce company, shipping products is an important process. But how does it work? Here's your step-by-step shipping process guide in Indianapolis.

Over 60,000 online retailers generate at least $25,000 in revenue.

Given how the e-commerce industry is soaring, this number is only likely to increase in the coming years.

As an e-commerce business owner, a large part of your revenue has to do with how you ship products to your customers. The more you understand the shipping process, the better you can serve your clients!

 Read on for insight into how online retailer shipping processes in Indianapolis work.

1. Business Owners Assess Shipping Needs

The first place to begin when it comes to shipping e-commerce products is to identify your shipping needs. This requires a total inventory assessment, first and foremost.

When assessing your inventory, measure the dimensions and weight of individual products. Identifying package weight and size can help you calculate shipping costs down the road.

Your shipping needs also cover the delivery options you wish to offer to clients. Will you be sending products to international or domestic locations (or both)? Will you be offering standard delivery only or expedited options?

 Also, calculate your budget for shipping and handling. This budget may include handling time, material costs, postage, and price for delivery services.

2. They Select an E-Commerce Shipping Solution

Based off of your shipping needs, select an e-commerce shipping solution. This solution should fit within your budget and accommodate the delivery options, packaging, and inventory management that suit you best.

For many e-commerce businesses, relying on a fulfillment service is one of the most viable shipping solutions out there. A fulfillment service stores inventory items for you in a secure facility, packages them with a custom slip following a sale, and delivers them to customers accordingly.

Fulfillment services will also integrate inventory management and records seamlessly with your existing system. Clients can manage inventory in real-time and fulfillers will send shipping confirmation emails to buyers.

Other business owners opt for manual shipping and handling. This means that they will store products themselves, purchase packaging and postage, and deliver items themselves via couriers like USPS or FedEx.

They are responsible for confirmation emails and client communication.

The decision between manual and fulfillment shipping and handling will come down to cost, convenience, and inventory size.

3. E-Commerce Owners Choose a Carrier and Assign Proper Costs

If you opt for manual shipping and handling, you will have to choose a shipping carrier. Many business owners simply go with the United States Postal Service.

Others may choose private couriers that offer more expedited or customized shipping options to customers.

If you choose a fulfillment service, you won't have to select a carrier. Fulfilltopia, for example, has its own shipping lines as well as multiple delivery options, including global destinations.

E-commerce owners then assign shipping costs to products, either as part of product prices or shipping fees. If they have an e-commerce platform like Shopify, these rates are simple to integrate.

4. Delivery

If you choose manual shipping and handling, you will largely be responsible for the product shipping process. Business owners who take care of shipping needs independently typically rely on employees to manage inventory, package items, and deliver these via a specified carrier.

 Fulfillment services, on the other hand, package items the moment they receive notification of a sale. They will deliver products to customers and provide confirmation of delivery.

Final Thoughts: The E-Commerce Shipping Process

The e-Commerce shipping process doesn't have to be complicated. Once you assess your shipping needs and select your e-commerce shipping platform, most of the work is done!

This is particularly the case if you work with a fulfillment service that packages and delivers products for you. If you ship items yourself, you will be in charge of inventory management and shipment.

At Fulfilltopia, we are here to make the e-commerce shipping process infinitely easy. Reach out today to learn more!