Great sites are simple, convenient, and offer an experience that consumers want to have again and again.

By Faith Thomas |  Oct 18, 2010

For entrepreneurs contemplating entering the e-commerce arena, a word of caution—it’s a different ball game than a brick-and-mortar business. Whether you’re just starting out or reworking an existing online shopping cart you’re attention to the small details is critical.

How to Design an E-commerce Page: Getting Started

Before you start imagining the orders pouring in and the sweet ka-ching of a virtual register, you need to take a moment to assess how your product or service will fare in the marketplace—in other words, take a moment for a reality check. E-commerce equals consumers having 24/7 access to your product and service and you need to have the right infrastructure in place to accommodate that. Check out your competitors. What’s the volume of business they do? What’s their price structure? What does their e-commerce site look like? Also, do a self evaluation of your business. Do you have sufficient inventory? How many products do you want to feature — all or only some?

If you decide you’re ready to jump into the fray, you need to work out a way to distribute your product. Do you…..

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