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Do you know what the percent of handling costs should be compared to the price point of your product? Do you know how using an e-commerce fulfillment company can impact your profits?

Strategically knowing what the cost of shipping could be, can be vital for your sustainability in business. So getting your cost in line is important so that you don’t end up in the red. That’s why it’s important to choose the right e-commerce fulfillment company, like Fulfilltopia, to help you think through how to properly price your products, handling and shipping costs. At Fulfilltopia, we’re really thoughtful about how help you be profitable.

Here are some areas to consider when deciding if Fulfilltopia is the right e-commerce fulfillment partner for your business:

  • Our strategic location in the United States for shipping
  • Our comprehensive analysis regarding your handling and shipping costs in line with your product pricing
  • The ability to leverage our shipping discounts from our carriers

Shipping and Fulfillment Analysis

When a new partner joins with Fulfilltopia we go through a comprehensive shipping and fulfillment analysis that includes the following:

  • Review the shipment packaging weight and it’s impact on shipping costs along with the costs of the packaging
  • Evaluate the cost of shipping proportionate to the order value
  • Determine the best shipping method based on the order characteristics
  • Calculate the net cost of all fulfillment charges by percent of overall number of average monthly shipments
  • Detail the cost of handling so that our clients can predict or build into the price of the product
  • Bake the cost of fulfillment and shipping in the shipping cost so that your customer pays for it – hence it costs you nothing.

By having a clear understanding of the cost of shipping and handling, you can offer your customers the added value of ‘Free Shipping’ by incorporating the cost into the overall price of the product.

Greater Reach

With our strategic location, we are capable of shorter delivery times and less money spent on shipping. Did you know you can reach 70 percent of the country’s population faster, with the average in-transit time of one to two days, when you partner with Fulfilltopia? This saves you cash and increases customer loyalty. If you can get your customers’ orders to their doorsteps faster than the competition, you’re already ahead of the game.

Save Big on Shipping Costs

This is the heart and soul of increasing your profit margins: obtaining low-cost shipping from trusted providers. Since Fulfilltopia has such a large shipping volume, our customers can take advantage of discounted rates through providers such as:

  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL

At Fulfilltopia, we make your success and profitability one of our key priorities. To find out more about how we can help streamline your shipping and save you on costs, contact us today for a free quote.