Returns Management

Are you challenged by managing returns internationally or domestically?

Does it take a long time for your customers to get products back to you, and does it cost more to ship?

We see this often when international online retailers sell direct to consumer, shipping from their country to another selling on Amazon. First, Amazon does not like to handle these types of returns. Secondly, it takes a long time for the customer to get a credit issued back because of the time in transit to ship back to the country from where the product came.  In the end, taking care of the customer is the priority.

By utilizing Fulfilltopia’s services, we can help speed up the process with our unique returns management program that is simple to use and set up. We can create custom workflows to match the needs of your business. Click here for a demonstration of this.


Do you want to resell the returned products in other channels?

If you are an international online seller, analyzing the costs involved to send the products back – such as paying duties/taxes a second time as well as shipping and selling the products – may be the better solution. We at Fulfilltopia can fulfill the returned products that are sold through other channels such as Amazon or direct from your website.

Fulfilltopia specializes in returns management and reverse logistics services for businesses large and small. Whether shipping domestically or internationally, we can help you keep track of returned and/or damaged inventory without incurring serious damage to your budget:


  • Amazon Return procedures for international sellers
  • Re-sale of returned goods on Ebay and other channels to recoup losses
  • Crediting customers for products bought and/or shipping quickly and reducing the time & cost for them in shipping the products back.

We have two case studies/profiles that will help explain how we can help your business with returns management or reverse logistics. They are:

Profile One: Simple Returns Managment

  • Receive Goods
  • Inspect Product
  • Document the return with pertinent info
  • Communicate back to your company the details
  • Send back the products

Profile Two: Returns management & reselling products

      • Receive goods
      • Inspect product
      • Document the return with pertinent info
      • Communicate back to your company the details
      • Repack the products
      • Fulfill products being resold in other channels such as Ebay or Amazon

To learn more about our return management services, we invite you to contact us at today at 757-963-5595 and get a free quote on this and other logistics and distribution services.