Sometimes the biggest thing to help other clients or prospective clients, is to facilitate a mastermind to help them share thoughts.  Simply, a mastermind is a group is: a group of people who come together to mutually assist each other in their pursuit of success. The idea is that the members of the mastermind group each provide vital skills and knowledge that other members may lack. They bounce ideas of each other and offer help and advice so that they all may become successful.

In an effort to help some of my prospective clients and friends, I saw an opportunity to bring 3 apparel e-companies together to share ideas and help each other grow.  We had represented Teresa Denham, CEO of Spirt Fingerz & Spirit Fanatic, Alban Selamaj C0-Owner of Vernato and Jim Marx of Broad Bay Cotton.  All 3 are considered up and coming ‘Small Giants’ in the apparel e-commerce world.  All are creative and energized about their brands.  It was a great meeting and the sharing of ideas was amazing.   We firmly believe if we help enough people reach their goals, we will reach ours.