Here are some great tips from Mitchell Harper, the Co-Founder of to improve your conversion rates for your e-commerce store. is a good entry level shopping cart/website platform for your e-commerce business.  His recommendations are:

  1. Make sure your ratio of sales content is less than your content that builds trust, reliability and credibilty
  2. Invest in your content for you ‘About Us’ Page and should include a long store, photos of you, your staff, office. Also should ideally have a video that you, Founder or Owner introducing your company, talking about your people, products and why your are different. (see ours as an example: click here)
  3. Add credibility to you website – Credit Card logos, If your Better Business Bureau approved (add logo), Trustee privacy seal. Anything you can show trust from a third party.
  4. Add as much useful content around what you sell.
  5. Customer reviews and 3rd party testimonials is also able to integrate with internet order fulfillment centers, such as our company, Fulfilltopia, via xml or web-services.