Shipping an order, comprised of several items, in multiple boxes can be costly. However, using the right non-traditional size box, one capable of holding the complete order, can yield big savings on both packaging and shipping costs. The following example illustrates exactly what I mean:

Before one of our clients partnered with Fulfilltopia, they typically used two boxes to ship one order consisting of a poster, t-shirt and package of stickers, because of the odd size of the poster. Not only did their business absorb the cost of two boxes, the shipping costs doubled too.

By doing some research, we came up with the perfect solution—a non-traditional size box that could hold the complete order. We found a triangular shipping tube that could accommodate all three items. Using one box not only saved our client money on shipping, it reduced prep time getting the products out the door. That one small change made a big impact on our client’s business. Not only did they increase profit margins, he increased customer satisfaction.