Adding a personalized touch to your packaging will surely impress your customers. From interior wrappings to exterior packing, customer fulfillment has never been so easy when you partner with a company like Fulfilltopia. Check out these five ways to personalize your packaging to get attention from your customers.

First, a note on the importance of packaging. Done the right way, attractive packaging not only helps your product stand out on the shelves, it can add functional value such as better branding and protection of the contents within.


How the box or bag looks from the outside forms a lasting impression in the consumer’s mind. This is your first chance to build their trust in your product, so make it count.

  1. Custom boxes. Don’t follow the crowd and go with the same old boring cardboard. Get creative and bright to grab the attention of your customers. From mailer boxes to cartons to tubes, it’s easy to match the contents with the size, shape and color of your box.
  2. Adding your logo front and center identifies your brand immediately and shows your customers what to expect.
  3. Custom Packing Tape. Why go with clear masking tape? Here’s another chance to stand out with your logo and any other graphic you want printed right on the packing tape.


What’s inside counts, too. Packing peanuts are okay for function, but there are so many other ways you can class up your order.

  1. Tissue paper or drawstring bag. This is especially useful for high-end ladies’ lingerie, for example. Delicates…jewelry…try scented tissue paper sealed with a logo sticker in the center. A silk drawstring bag is also another innovative idea. Eco-friendly protective cushioning is great for eco-conscious companies shipping fragile items like natural honey or candles.
  2. Marketing inserts. Instead of throwing in a meaningless flyer about your company, incorporate something into your interior wrapping in the form of free product cards, free samples, small gifts and personalized thank you notes. You’re already paying for shipping…why not add something custom tailored to the recipient?

Bottom line is the value of premium packaging extends beyond the one-time customer experience and into ongoing positive marketing effects. Truth is, 52 percent of consumers say they would make repeat purchases from an online merchant who delivers products in premium packaging. In addition, half of all consumers say they would snap and share a photo of a delivery on social media if it came in a unique package. You can’t ignore those stats!

Let Fulfilltopia be your go-to order fulfillment company for a uniquely designed experience for your customers. Contact us today for a free quote.