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Our mission at Fulfilltopia is to help our clients grow their businesses. We want to help guide you with the best practices to take your business to the next level. Here are some of the best practices that we have observed from other successful companies:

  1. Pursue new sales channels: just selling online, e-commerce only may open the door to selling on other resources (amazon, eBay) or selling in other countries. Sometimes, a change in the economy or in consumer tastes prompts the need to reinvent yourself. Perhaps it’s time to diversify your brand and attract more customers while maintaining your overall image. If you own a spa, for instance, and the economy’s not doing so well, the first thing people will cut is an expensive massage. But you can diversify your offerings into the retail market, perhaps by introducing a de-stressing lotion or scent that pulls your brand through multiple channels to cover that gap.
  2. Make something new. From apparel – you have to create something new more often. Businesses who make t-shirts, they’ll have their branded messages – always looking for the next t-shirt that will display the message or the brand. Re-engage your audience and customer base who are brand centric and are looking for the next new brand product. But, the question becomes how often that you do that – so you continuously keep an interested consumer. And then you have to keep in mind the timeliness of new product releases. Have you considered the cycle for your customer to buy new products and when to offer a new product to them.
  3. Refocus your marketing: Analyze your current webstore and see what may be missing to help your customers learn more about your products and encourage them to buy. In addition, consider other options for selling your products online, from Facebook shopping, to Amazon or even affiliate marketing. The options are endless to get your product out and in front of your target audience.

Here at Fulfilltopia, we create an out of box experience where you can better connect with your customers. Enhancing their satisfaction with order fulfillment will keep them coming back again and again. Get in touch for a free quote! We can help you build your business!